• July21

      Facebook Page back on duty

    We are back again ! We've been lost on the web for months but we have some exiting changes to show you. Prepare to be amazed !

  • July18

      Mysterious BoT Project launch

    Coming straight from Hykoc's Labs, this new project will help riders around the word everyday, bringing creativity and self improvement.

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Recent Articles

We love Superheroes

Yeah no joke ? Who doesn't ? Except we are literally crazy about it ! The interconnected universe ( Comics, TV show, Movies, Court ) they put up leave us voiceless... But we have a lot to say about it, check it out !

What the F**K is Hykoc ?

Damn. Don't be so stress. We will explain what is this new sickness everyone is talking about. Hykoc is spreading fast and if you're here, you may already be infected. No worries we found it rather cool.

Recent Projects

Marvel Related Stuff

We love Marvel's idea house, so here are gathered all our photo or work related to it...

Lost Money Bag

Object Dropping. This is the way we do street marketing and street art. Spread this like Shepard !

Free Paper Hykoc Dices

Come and print our Skate and Street Dices, giving you the amazing opportunity to enjoy for free !

Street Art Hunting

Come with us on a long journey into the streets, seeking for art in every walls of the cities.

D.I.Y Arc Reactors

You can't be a real Genuis Bilionaire Playboy Philanthropist without some Arc Reactor tech.

Wooden Keychains

Real symbol of our brand, the Hykoc wooden keychain was subject to many changes.